Tag: wellbeing

Losing my mind

We all have a part of our mind that has dark thoughts, though these thoughts can be fleeting at times they can also overwhelm. we all also have a part of our minds that suppress the dark thoughts. People who are down, suffering with depression etc for example and especially for a long time we […]

Group mentality

We live our day to day lives predominantly making decisions based on the groups of people we surround ourselves with. I don’t mean major life decisions, though our socio-economic group often depicts these too. I mean the more trivial like what are we eating this lunchtime, meeting times or even the language we use whilst […]

Take a break

I often find myself exhausted from the days work either continuously working through the evening in one way or another. Chores obviously need to be done at some point but even once I am sat down I will pick up the phone going through emails or something. The only time I seem able to actually […]