Sleep your stress away…

When we are in a situation where sleep is deprived in any way, for example when we’re up all night drinking or on our phones, we become more susceptible to stress/stressful responses.

On the other hand, when we are stressed, for example under pressure at work or relational difficulties at home, we become more susceptible to sleeping problems.

Vicious cycle

This can lead to a viscous cycle of stressful sleeplessness. Thankfully as easy as they work against each other, they can be improved by improving one or the other.

Reducing stress may seem like an impossible task for some, when we’re expected so much of and struggle with eating healthy and or regularity of exercising but any amount of the above will help. Then theres simpler things we can try like meditation and breathing techniques, these really help are free and easy to use and when practiced regularly combat your stress responses.

Meditation, use of oils, exercise, reduction of screen time and alcohol intake are all good starters for getting a good night sleep. Sleeping well gives our natural cycle time to work, resetting our minds and inevitably reducing stress.

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