Scenic views

Scenic views – can be the reflection to your mind. Misty and mysterious. Vivid colours on top of your heart, moving around your whole love hearted action. Glowing music playing into gear, of life’s viewing hormonal beauty. Can you hear those pleasant screaming calls – of sweet purity ?… Creeping, and dripping out from above, below and around our needed searching hearts. To remember why we love Earth and all her wild powerful beauty. Such burning meaning for all our souls to feel. Passion in heavy bucket loads – on constant repeat. Because I hear you and your beats of wisdom, as you are loudly tormented – within such cruelty, gloominess and the doom of the dark, by forces of unkind power. Through killings of the one source – that good sauce – that does keep us all sane, charged and driving upwards in our own positivity, peacefulness and our human individualities.
Extreme dilutes of flavours, taken from your routes – yet you still love us all. And give your beauty freely for us all to soak in, to share together and enjoy!
Im baffled by your honest hypnotic beauty, that is nature. You are seriously breathtaking – to us all in life!! Wild and free + born to please all our sweet senses – is the beauty of our wilderness. Our eyes and hearts forever become hypnotised by your glorious deep touches, that serve us all greatly – into a series of events that capture our souls. Through any joy and pains. You deliver peace and tranquility – like no other feeling to feel. We gaze into you with such relief. Thank you for your maze of kindness. For your controlled reaches of far and wide love. For your deep devotion with love. As we love you nature. And we need you more than ever still, and right now! Bringing us all great atmosphere and such sparkles to our whole being. That move us with the truest of meanings. Some have bitten you, attacked you and scoffed your inheritance…which is your constant beautiful rolling, growing and giving of life on Earth. Don’t let the baddies win! Not ever. Let your drifting, circulating, spectacular beauty remain. For every generation to see you, grow with you, to touch you and to feel you and be baffled In your gracious kind beauty like the ones who have before them. I admire you – dear wilderness. And never forget how much you are loved by us humans. who defiantly care. As you are so appreciated by many! 💚🌈✨you glow of endless hope. 💕

written by Natalia

Lyme deer sanctuary

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