Group mentality

We live our day to day lives predominantly making decisions based on the groups of people we surround ourselves with. I don’t mean major life decisions, though our socio-economic group often depicts these too.

I mean the more trivial like what are we eating this lunchtime, meeting times or even the language we use whilst chatting within these groups. It’s these often minute things that can add up to make or break our day.

We have all had those days, choosing just an extra 5 minutes in bed just to end up tired, running late and eventually sat in traffic on the way to work. Arrive at work late, flustered, we then ‘choose’ to skip meal/break times to catch up.

Come the end of the day we’re overwhelmed with tiredness hunger and inevitably cranky.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay in bed by the way, nor is being late or missing a break now and again. But when several of these decisions are made together they add up, if just one decision had been more personally positive the whole day, and in turn our mental wellbeing would have been completely different.

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