Sleep your stress away…

When we are in a situation where sleep is deprived in any way, for example when we’re up all night drinking or on our phones, we become more susceptible to stress/stressful responses.

On the other hand, when we are stressed, for example under pressure at work or relational difficulties at home, we become more susceptible to sleeping problems.

Vicious cycle

This can lead to a viscous cycle of stressful sleeplessness. Thankfully as easy as they work against each other, they can be improved by improving one or the other.

Reducing stress may seem like an impossible task for some, when we’re expected so much of and struggle with eating healthy and or regularity of exercising but any amount of the above will help. Then theres simpler things we can try like meditation and breathing techniques, these really help are free and easy to use and when practiced regularly combat your stress responses.

Meditation, use of oils, exercise, reduction of screen time and alcohol intake are all good starters for getting a good night sleep. Sleeping well gives our natural cycle time to work, resetting our minds and inevitably reducing stress.

happiness on the landscape

Spring springing

Winter ends this weekend. To me it’s felt like an eternity.

You’d better not disappoint me Spring
You’d better pull your weight
Winter’s been too long this year
And you have turned up late
I’m sick and tired of dark and rain
The constant fetid flood
So I’ll swap you out and drop you
If all you give is mud

Daniel o Grady

Losing my mind

We all have a part of our mind that has dark thoughts, though these thoughts can be fleeting at times they can also overwhelm. we all also have a part of our minds that suppress the dark thoughts. People who are down, suffering with depression etc for example and especially for a long time we start to lose that ability to suppress the thoughs they effectively cause us to lose their mind. You can rebuild on the losses but it does take time, please don’t listen to the dark thoughts they are lying to you. You are worthy you are not a burden.

Its a blur

Scenic views

Scenic views – can be the reflection to your mind. Misty and mysterious. Vivid colours on top of your heart, moving around your whole love hearted action. Glowing music playing into gear, of life’s viewing hormonal beauty. Can you hear those pleasant screaming calls – of sweet purity ?… Creeping, and dripping out from above, below and around our needed searching hearts. To remember why we love Earth and all her wild powerful beauty. Such burning meaning for all our souls to feel. Passion in heavy bucket loads – on constant repeat. Because I hear you and your beats of wisdom, as you are loudly tormented – within such cruelty, gloominess and the doom of the dark, by forces of unkind power. Through killings of the one source – that good sauce – that does keep us all sane, charged and driving upwards in our own positivity, peacefulness and our human individualities.
Extreme dilutes of flavours, taken from your routes – yet you still love us all. And give your beauty freely for us all to soak in, to share together and enjoy!
Im baffled by your honest hypnotic beauty, that is nature. You are seriously breathtaking – to us all in life!! Wild and free + born to please all our sweet senses – is the beauty of our wilderness. Our eyes and hearts forever become hypnotised by your glorious deep touches, that serve us all greatly – into a series of events that capture our souls. Through any joy and pains. You deliver peace and tranquility – like no other feeling to feel. We gaze into you with such relief. Thank you for your maze of kindness. For your controlled reaches of far and wide love. For your deep devotion with love. As we love you nature. And we need you more than ever still, and right now! Bringing us all great atmosphere and such sparkles to our whole being. That move us with the truest of meanings. Some have bitten you, attacked you and scoffed your inheritance…which is your constant beautiful rolling, growing and giving of life on Earth. Don’t let the baddies win! Not ever. Let your drifting, circulating, spectacular beauty remain. For every generation to see you, grow with you, to touch you and to feel you and be baffled In your gracious kind beauty like the ones who have before them. I admire you – dear wilderness. And never forget how much you are loved by us humans. who defiantly care. As you are so appreciated by many! 💚🌈✨you glow of endless hope. 💕

written by Natalia

Lyme deer sanctuary

Group mentality

We live our day to day lives predominantly making decisions based on the groups of people we surround ourselves with. I don’t mean major life decisions, though our socio-economic group often depicts these too.

I mean the more trivial like what are we eating this lunchtime, meeting times or even the language we use whilst chatting within these groups. It’s these often minute things that can add up to make or break our day.

We have all had those days, choosing just an extra 5 minutes in bed just to end up tired, running late and eventually sat in traffic on the way to work. Arrive at work late, flustered, we then ‘choose’ to skip meal/break times to catch up.

Come the end of the day we’re overwhelmed with tiredness hunger and inevitably cranky.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay in bed by the way, nor is being late or missing a break now and again. But when several of these decisions are made together they add up, if just one decision had been more personally positive the whole day, and in turn our mental wellbeing would have been completely different.

Take a break

I often find myself exhausted from the days work either continuously working through the evening in one way or another. Chores obviously need to be done at some point but even once I am sat down I will pick up the phone going through emails or something.
The only time I seem able to actually rest is when I’m ill, and that’s only when I’m ill enough to actually force me to sit still.

How can I rest when I feel guilty and shame for not completing that task for example. Mind starts playing tricks again, embedded messages from childhood creep in, thoughts and feelings you would do anything (literally) to stop.

There is a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately it means having to feel those things, for a short period at a time at least and processing them. This cannot be forced or rushed, sometimes we will need professional help throughput and a helping hand from friends and family.

I’ll be there for you

I often find watching reruns of sitcoms usually friends, a routine that helps relax my mind. along with listening to the same songs in the car etc. This routine is a trauma response in which we find it comforting in some ways to know what’s coming and reminds us of a time when we were safe, so go get lost in your favourite show or song or book whenever you feel low it is sure to comfort you.

Feel it?

Today I feel quite teary, tense, hyper vigilant. Why?
It’s just one of those days it seems everything is against me. Or is it?
mira a family members birthday this week and the festive period is inevitably upon us too.
I often feel this way during times of what should be celebrated, knowing this and learning this trigger response I have from my childhood trauma is responsible I can catch it early and start to recover

time for some self care!

Mental chatter

every second, minute, hour the only constant is ringing in my head from mental chatter. Mostly just white noise now, unregisterable as real words or sounds. I suppose a heartbeat or knotting in my stomach or a whole host of other feelings turning themselves into legible sounds. 

these sounds write my thoughts feelings and energy. And somehow triggers implode these, grounding techniques help put things back together (eventually)!

make sense?

try living with it!!!

Time to run

I have been running for several years now, in that time i have run alone, ran with friends in groups and one to one and ran with strangers.

what i have found is in the first instance the importance of mental health and wellbeing through exercise. I always feel much better after a run than before.

secondly (usually when more one-to-one running ) the amount you vent or talk through things on your mind more openly, this is what i would like to focus on more as it really helps clear the mind.